Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Been busy

   After the craziness of Christmas, I decided to move into my new sewing space.  The room I was using is 10' x 12'. Now it will be an office space.  The new room is 10' x 20'.  After moving in, I can't believe that alll that stuff fit in the other room!  Well, with all this new space, I had better be productive.  Here are some pics....
former sewing room

former sewing room other view

My embroidery hoop collection
Sewing area

ribbon , bows and hot glue area
The new space....Almost done!

cutting and hooping area

sewing area- other view

     I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, Boxing Day, Hannaka or whatever you celebrate at this time of the year!   Until later,  Keep Stitchin'!   Marsha

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Good Grief!!!

  Could I be any more lax in posting!!!  So much has happened since I last posted.  I keep saying I will do better, and I do plan posts in my head.  Trouble is,,,,they never seem to reach my blog.  AARRRGGGHHH!!!!!
   My oldest daughter had a crazy and fun Halloween party!  We watched Its The Great Pumpkin on the side of the fence, the children had a game of ghost bowling, and the food was amazing!!! It was soo much fun that we repeated it for Thanksgiving!!  Ate outside under a canopy, served the food inside buffet style.  What a great way to spend a holiday.  Wonder if she will do this for Christmas...NOT!! Maybe New's Years Eve.

   I am in the process of making Sock Monkeys for my 7 youngest grandchildren.  Almost done!  They each have their own personalities.  Here are a few completed ones. I can't help but name them.
Slim and Pinhead
Tutu and NayNay


    I still can't get the hang of labeling pics and getting them in the right spot.. Maybe If I posted More Often!!! 
            I do wish everyone a Very, Merry Christmas!!!!!!    Keep Stitchin',  Marsha

Friday, September 23, 2011

Pecan Festival at Richton, Ms

Had a great time today at the Richton Pecan Festival.  Kinda muddy, but we managed not to slip down.  Sorta disappointed in the number of commercial booths.  I really wish everything could be hand made. Here are a few pics:

my besties-Lisa and Jeanette
It's allll about the food!!!  Blooming onion and bbq pork

our new friend

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Can't believe its been sooo long!!!

    Apparently I have been really busy not to have posted in ages!   Since I last talked to y'all, I have not completed the quilt for the doll bed, have made several dresses, and more aprons for a craft show Oct 1.
    I found some really neat bags to use for my fabric & zipper flowers.  They come with printable / stickable / hangable tops.  I think they look really professional.


   I ordered larger bags for my Mug Rugs and my partner's embroidered/appliqued kitchen towels. I am getting excited about the show.
    This Friday, my "girls" and I are going to the Pecan Festival in Richton, Ms.  We have gone for 2 years now.  The first year, it rained as soon as we entered the park.  Not just a sprinkle,  a real Gully-washer!   Didn't get to see anything that year.  Last year was great.  The food, the pecan pies, the crafts....Love it!!!
     More pics later, especially of the festival.  until then,,,,,keep stitchin'!!!  Marsha

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Been a long time

I knew it had been a while since I was here, but didn't realize how long...Making progress on the doll bed quilt. Thought I would hand quilt it since it is for an antique, the pattern is an old one (dresden plate) and the fabrics are '40's reproductions.  Looking really cute, but taking me way too long.  Of course, I have completed other projects in the meantime.
  Here is the quilt in progress:

see the areas that have been quilted?  Getting there!

     Finally went to North Carolina to see my new twin grandbabies..and their siblings of course.  They are sooo sweet!  Could it be that I am a bit prejudiced???  Naaaa.  They just are!!!
     Here is a pic of Hannah's new dress.  Her mom, my daughter Stormi, asked for a dress with fireflies.  I created this design several years ago for Creative Needle.  Never have used it for a garment.  Don't know why. So, Hannah, grandchild number 8, gets the first!

   Until next time....keep stitching...Marsha!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Kids Clothes Challenge Week

   So, I can't seem to sew for only an hour a day...so I made the entire outfit for one of my granddaughters, Maizy.  This was made from a man's long sleeved shirt.  Used most every bit of it!

front (this is being modeled by "Miss Lola"      
back... the legs were the sleeves of the shirt!!

close-up of the leg             
          ok, so, since it drives me nuts to try to add pics and have it set up like I want, I am going to stop.  I need to finish an apron for my daughter anyway. 
          till next time....keep stitchin!  Marsha

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New project...Mini quilt for my doll bed

     I have been working with English paper piecing, and I love it.  Did it several years ago..like 35... with my sister-in-law.  Seems easier now.  For those who would like a reminder of how to English Paper piece..
fabric is basted to the wrong side of a precut paper shape.
front side. see the basting thread.   

shapes are then whipped together on the wrong side.
these hexies make a flower for "Grandmother's Flower Garden".   

back side of the pattern "Dresden Plate".
front side. these will make a 4" square. tiny, huh. 

This is what I have so far. Need some blues and purples.

The recipient of the mini quilt.  


                The doll bed is over 50 years old. My grandmother gave it to me and one to my cousin when I was between 6 and 8.  Can't remember.  The bed has been through several moves to different houses over the years, and several hurricanes.  Hurricane Katrina nearly did her in.  I can't part with it yet.  She is going be so beautiful with a new mattress and her very own quilt.  More postings of the progress as progress is made.  I work on this while watching the news or movies or something really important like "American Idol". 
             Till next time...Keep stitchin'       Marsha

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter outfits and other stuff

 ok, this is a bit confusing cause I don't know how to move pics around yet,  but I hope you enjoy these.

Here are the pics of the girl's Easter outfits:
                           This is for Hannah. She is 2 and 1/2.  Hope her mom can get her to wear a dress!!!

                            This is the Forehand gang.  That's Hannah in the front.  On the left is Maizy, in the bunny's lap is Lily and Evan (twins) and on the right is my sugar man, Cole.

Here are the things I used :
Hannah's collar with tatting attached and attached to the dress.

Hannah's pattern

I started with a vintage chair back linen for Maizy's collar.  Had to do more cutting to get it to fit.
close up of the vintage tatting for Hannah and Maizy's collars.  This was removed from a vintage pillow case.  Had enough for both dresses.

Maizy's pattern

Lily looks precious in her outfit!

Evan doesn't look too happy, but his outfit was really cute!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

slacking off

      Been way too long since I posted.. Been busy getting ready for a craft show.  Now I am working on Easter outfits for grandchildren.    This time I am making a "progress journal" in pics of the outfits. I took pics of the fabrics, vintage linen used for the collars of 2 of the dresses and then construction at different points.  I will post when I finish. 
    The craft show was not fun...too hot, very few people, and very few sales.  But, that's how it is sometimes.  There were several other events this weekend also, so I guess people had to choose to miss out on something.  My friend, Lisa, did fairly well.  I am so excited for her. She does the most wonderful pottery.  AND she does the most wonderful quilts, too!
     Gotta get back to Hannah's dress now.  I need to finish these 4 and get them in the mail soon.
                     Y'all keep stitchin!!!   Marsha

Saturday, March 19, 2011

My completed project!!

Here it is...my finished project for my Bestie's birthday....She can't get it until she tells me she saw it on my blog..

     I hadn't planned on something so large, but it just took on a life of its own once I started.  The center block is "Dublin Steps" to remind her of our trip to Ireland.  Other blocks relate to her...the books (she is a librarian), the bug jars with cherries (she has been with me throughout the cherry fabric hunt), she has a viking sewing machine and her favorite thread is Sulky.  I hope she likes it.  I thoroughly enjoyed creating it for a special person... Now on to other b-day gifts for my other special friends.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Road Trip to A&E Pharmacy, Pensacola, Florida

Yep, we went to a Pharmacy....BUT this place is also the most incredible fabric store ever!!!  12 of our guild members participated in this road trip.  I really love our road trips...fun, laughter (crying under the table laughter!), learning, fellowship..... tooo fun!!  Here are a few picks from the trip... enjoy

Just Needles Fiber Arts Guild--a sassy looking bunch, indeed! This is only half our membership.
Outside of A&E.   That's me on the far left.
Glenda...decisions, decisions

Ahhh, the hunt is on!!!  Who will win this time???

Pam appears to have found something really good!!
As we were putting the challenge fabric in the car, it came unfolded... Gooood teamwork, Pam & Jeanette!
Our challenge fabric.... Love this!  Erin did a great job! Each member gets a fat quater.  We must use some of this fabric in a block of our choice.  How much and the block pattern is up to each member.  We will put the blocks together, one of our members will quilt it, then we will draw names to see who wins the quilt.  We have enough members now so we are going to make 2 quilts and donate one of them to the bank where we meet in the community room.
The Five Sisters Blues Cafe in Pensacola, Fl... the food is fantastic!
Hungry Quilters!!!     
Sandra won!!!!!  She spent the most at A&E!!!!
Its allll about the food.  Y'all gotta try this place! 
Alas, the end to a wonderful day!!!!