Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Been busy

   After the craziness of Christmas, I decided to move into my new sewing space.  The room I was using is 10' x 12'. Now it will be an office space.  The new room is 10' x 20'.  After moving in, I can't believe that alll that stuff fit in the other room!  Well, with all this new space, I had better be productive.  Here are some pics....
former sewing room

former sewing room other view

My embroidery hoop collection
Sewing area

ribbon , bows and hot glue area
The new space....Almost done!

cutting and hooping area

sewing area- other view

     I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, Boxing Day, Hannaka or whatever you celebrate at this time of the year!   Until later,  Keep Stitchin'!   Marsha

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Good Grief!!!

  Could I be any more lax in posting!!!  So much has happened since I last posted.  I keep saying I will do better, and I do plan posts in my head.  Trouble is,,,,they never seem to reach my blog.  AARRRGGGHHH!!!!!
   My oldest daughter had a crazy and fun Halloween party!  We watched Its The Great Pumpkin on the side of the fence, the children had a game of ghost bowling, and the food was amazing!!! It was soo much fun that we repeated it for Thanksgiving!!  Ate outside under a canopy, served the food inside buffet style.  What a great way to spend a holiday.  Wonder if she will do this for Christmas...NOT!! Maybe New's Years Eve.

   I am in the process of making Sock Monkeys for my 7 youngest grandchildren.  Almost done!  They each have their own personalities.  Here are a few completed ones. I can't help but name them.
Slim and Pinhead
Tutu and NayNay


    I still can't get the hang of labeling pics and getting them in the right spot.. Maybe If I posted More Often!!! 
            I do wish everyone a Very, Merry Christmas!!!!!!    Keep Stitchin',  Marsha