Sunday, April 10, 2011

slacking off

      Been way too long since I posted.. Been busy getting ready for a craft show.  Now I am working on Easter outfits for grandchildren.    This time I am making a "progress journal" in pics of the outfits. I took pics of the fabrics, vintage linen used for the collars of 2 of the dresses and then construction at different points.  I will post when I finish. 
    The craft show was not fun...too hot, very few people, and very few sales.  But, that's how it is sometimes.  There were several other events this weekend also, so I guess people had to choose to miss out on something.  My friend, Lisa, did fairly well.  I am so excited for her. She does the most wonderful pottery.  AND she does the most wonderful quilts, too!
     Gotta get back to Hannah's dress now.  I need to finish these 4 and get them in the mail soon.
                     Y'all keep stitchin!!!   Marsha

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