Monday, January 31, 2011

outa sinc

   Can't seem to get motivated today.  I did manage to complete a pair of flip flops and a matching hairband, wash the rims of my vehicle, bake cookies, and look for a "happy" to include with my mug rug swap.  But, I don't feel like I really accomplished  anything.  It's a beautiful day here on the Ms coast.  70 degrees (is there a degree symbol on a keyboard?) and a cool breeze blowing.  Cloudy, though. Supposed to rain again tomorrow.    
     I finished my other mug rug for the swap.  I call it Seagulls in the Air, instead of Geese in the Air. 

   I am improving on the paper-piecing technique.  I love it!  Never could cut all those tiny triangles. 
While I am thinking about it..... why can we make a half square triangle out of 2 squares, but not 2 rectangles.  I know it wouldn't be called a half square triangle, maybe a half rectangle triangle.  Can't be done.  If you know the trick ---Please share!!! 
     I sooo need to get back to work.......keep stitchin!!   marsha

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hit 'n Miss... creating a blog

    I hope ya'll are patient and enjoying the changes in my blog as I try to learn how to do this.  It's sort of like sewing, crocheting, or whatever kind of needlework....ya gotta know how to rip it out to make it work!  That's a bit of what I am doing with this blog.  Ripping out and trying to make it work.  I have seen many blogs on the web that I envy.  I will get there eventually.  I really should be sewing today....and I will....eventually!
                                         Keep stitchin!!!!  marsha

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Latest obsessions!

   I am into re-purposing wool ! Here are a few items.. hope ya like them. The bags were lined with re-purposed ties. I even used the Disney tag on one of the bags. It was for my 7 year-old granddaughter, Rosie.

 This is for Rosie's mom, Brandi, my oldest daughter.  Gotta have matching bags!
                              Keep stitchin!

Mug Rug swap

      Our guild, Just Needles is growing!  We are now up to 25 total members.  Very exciting.  We also have a permanent meeting place that will accommodate us, so far.  I do hope we continue to grow.
      Have ya'll entered the Mug Rug swap sponsored by Quilting Gallery?  I have. One down and one to go.  I love these swaps.  It's so exciting to see where I will send my item and even better, to see where mine came from!  Many new friends!
Mug Rug swap. I want one!!!
Keep stitchin!!!

Back again

     wow, I haven't posted in a really long time. Still trying to figure out how to make this more interesting.  So, since I was last here....My youngest daughter had the baby.... or babies!!! TWINS... Lillian Jayne and Norman Evans.  They are called Lilly and Evan.  Absolutely adorable.

Outfit I made for Evan.  The booties were purchased on my trip to Ireland!

 close up of Evan's outfit


 Lilly's outfit with booties from Ireland

More later. I think I will play with the layout.  Keep stitchin!!!