Sunday, July 3, 2011

Been a long time

I knew it had been a while since I was here, but didn't realize how long...Making progress on the doll bed quilt. Thought I would hand quilt it since it is for an antique, the pattern is an old one (dresden plate) and the fabrics are '40's reproductions.  Looking really cute, but taking me way too long.  Of course, I have completed other projects in the meantime.
  Here is the quilt in progress:

see the areas that have been quilted?  Getting there!

     Finally went to North Carolina to see my new twin grandbabies..and their siblings of course.  They are sooo sweet!  Could it be that I am a bit prejudiced???  Naaaa.  They just are!!!
     Here is a pic of Hannah's new dress.  Her mom, my daughter Stormi, asked for a dress with fireflies.  I created this design several years ago for Creative Needle.  Never have used it for a garment.  Don't know why. So, Hannah, grandchild number 8, gets the first!

   Until next time....keep stitching...Marsha!