Friday, September 23, 2011

Pecan Festival at Richton, Ms

Had a great time today at the Richton Pecan Festival.  Kinda muddy, but we managed not to slip down.  Sorta disappointed in the number of commercial booths.  I really wish everything could be hand made. Here are a few pics:

my besties-Lisa and Jeanette
It's allll about the food!!!  Blooming onion and bbq pork

our new friend

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Can't believe its been sooo long!!!

    Apparently I have been really busy not to have posted in ages!   Since I last talked to y'all, I have not completed the quilt for the doll bed, have made several dresses, and more aprons for a craft show Oct 1.
    I found some really neat bags to use for my fabric & zipper flowers.  They come with printable / stickable / hangable tops.  I think they look really professional.


   I ordered larger bags for my Mug Rugs and my partner's embroidered/appliqued kitchen towels. I am getting excited about the show.
    This Friday, my "girls" and I are going to the Pecan Festival in Richton, Ms.  We have gone for 2 years now.  The first year, it rained as soon as we entered the park.  Not just a sprinkle,  a real Gully-washer!   Didn't get to see anything that year.  Last year was great.  The food, the pecan pies, the crafts....Love it!!!
     More pics later, especially of the festival.  until then,,,,,keep stitchin'!!!  Marsha