Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter outfits and other stuff

 ok, this is a bit confusing cause I don't know how to move pics around yet,  but I hope you enjoy these.

Here are the pics of the girl's Easter outfits:
                           This is for Hannah. She is 2 and 1/2.  Hope her mom can get her to wear a dress!!!

                            This is the Forehand gang.  That's Hannah in the front.  On the left is Maizy, in the bunny's lap is Lily and Evan (twins) and on the right is my sugar man, Cole.

Here are the things I used :
Hannah's collar with tatting attached and attached to the dress.

Hannah's pattern

I started with a vintage chair back linen for Maizy's collar.  Had to do more cutting to get it to fit.
close up of the vintage tatting for Hannah and Maizy's collars.  This was removed from a vintage pillow case.  Had enough for both dresses.

Maizy's pattern

Lily looks precious in her outfit!

Evan doesn't look too happy, but his outfit was really cute!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

slacking off

      Been way too long since I posted.. Been busy getting ready for a craft show.  Now I am working on Easter outfits for grandchildren.    This time I am making a "progress journal" in pics of the outfits. I took pics of the fabrics, vintage linen used for the collars of 2 of the dresses and then construction at different points.  I will post when I finish. 
    The craft show was not fun...too hot, very few people, and very few sales.  But, that's how it is sometimes.  There were several other events this weekend also, so I guess people had to choose to miss out on something.  My friend, Lisa, did fairly well.  I am so excited for her. She does the most wonderful pottery.  AND she does the most wonderful quilts, too!
     Gotta get back to Hannah's dress now.  I need to finish these 4 and get them in the mail soon.
                     Y'all keep stitchin!!!   Marsha