Sunday, March 13, 2011

Road Trip to A&E Pharmacy, Pensacola, Florida

Yep, we went to a Pharmacy....BUT this place is also the most incredible fabric store ever!!!  12 of our guild members participated in this road trip.  I really love our road, laughter (crying under the table laughter!), learning, fellowship..... tooo fun!!  Here are a few picks from the trip... enjoy

Just Needles Fiber Arts Guild--a sassy looking bunch, indeed! This is only half our membership.
Outside of A&E.   That's me on the far left.
Glenda...decisions, decisions

Ahhh, the hunt is on!!!  Who will win this time???

Pam appears to have found something really good!!
As we were putting the challenge fabric in the car, it came unfolded... Gooood teamwork, Pam & Jeanette!
Our challenge fabric.... Love this!  Erin did a great job! Each member gets a fat quater.  We must use some of this fabric in a block of our choice.  How much and the block pattern is up to each member.  We will put the blocks together, one of our members will quilt it, then we will draw names to see who wins the quilt.  We have enough members now so we are going to make 2 quilts and donate one of them to the bank where we meet in the community room.
The Five Sisters Blues Cafe in Pensacola, Fl... the food is fantastic!
Hungry Quilters!!!     
Sandra won!!!!!  She spent the most at A&E!!!!
Its allll about the food.  Y'all gotta try this place! 
Alas, the end to a wonderful day!!!!

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