Sunday, March 6, 2011

road trip

  Here are a few of the pics of our Road Trip to Cajun Village, Sorrento, LA.  These were taken last year. I forgot to take any this year.  It would have been interesting to post a pic of the outskirts of the tornado that went through while we were having lunch!  Weather was awful for about an hour or so.  We sooo love our road trips and pig-trailing. 
Regina and me acting silly.  This place offers samples of all their wines.

One of the buildings .  They are all original cajun houses moved to this one central location.

View of the another area of the village.  There is an alligator pond in back of this house. Last year we saw the alligator.
  I finally got back to work.  I am trying to embroidery some earrings using metalic thread. I am ready to give up!!!!!  Why can't I do this????  The thread keeps breaking... I have everything I am supposed to have...metallic needle, thread spool in correct position, correct bobbin thread....something ain't right!!  guess I better get back to it...
              Let me hear from ya...keep stitchin',  Marsha

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