Monday, January 31, 2011

outa sinc

   Can't seem to get motivated today.  I did manage to complete a pair of flip flops and a matching hairband, wash the rims of my vehicle, bake cookies, and look for a "happy" to include with my mug rug swap.  But, I don't feel like I really accomplished  anything.  It's a beautiful day here on the Ms coast.  70 degrees (is there a degree symbol on a keyboard?) and a cool breeze blowing.  Cloudy, though. Supposed to rain again tomorrow.    
     I finished my other mug rug for the swap.  I call it Seagulls in the Air, instead of Geese in the Air. 

   I am improving on the paper-piecing technique.  I love it!  Never could cut all those tiny triangles. 
While I am thinking about it..... why can we make a half square triangle out of 2 squares, but not 2 rectangles.  I know it wouldn't be called a half square triangle, maybe a half rectangle triangle.  Can't be done.  If you know the trick ---Please share!!! 
     I sooo need to get back to work.......keep stitchin!!   marsha

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