Wednesday, April 21, 2010


    I ordered a book called Apronisms.  I originally ordered it for one of my daughters who collects aprons.  I will consider giving it to her when I finish reading it.  One of my favorites is "change the dish towel".  It means that if you change the dish towel in the kitchen, it makes the kitchen look cleaner even if it isn't.  I tried this.  It works!
     I started sewing aprons for a craft show in October.  I am obsessed with aprons!  This one is with coffee cups all over it.  I am also obsessed with coffee!  The embroidery "expresso yourself" doesn't show as well as I would like, but still really cute.
     Got a new phone.  a real techy one.  The HTC Hero. I have spent most of the last 2 days trying to get used to it.  When that happens, I will probably love it.
Love making aprons from vintage pillow cases and handkerchiefs!

Little Dutch doll having coffee. Bottom of apron fabric has wooden shoes.

Expresso Yourself!

Sooo vintage!! Gotta have the pearls.
      Till next time.... ya'll keep stitchin'!  marsha

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